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Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Abraham Lincoln once said “No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar.” And Craig Brittain is no exception. I’ve discussed some of his contradictory lies here and Adam has done so here so I won’t bother repeating it all. But in the last week there has been a lot of digging into some of the claims he’s made.

Unsurprisingly, the new information continues to show that Craig is indeed lying about a lot of things. Also unsurprisingly, is that he continues to argue that all of the evidence is fabricated just to vilify him.

So, lets take a look, shall we?

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You didn’t hear it from me (the last thing I need to also get caught in insider trading), but you might want to buy stock in Orville Redenbacher or in Corn Futures.


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I’m Having an Identity Crisis

Who am I? Am I even real? Am I in the Matrix? Am I just the figment of someone’s imagination? I’m not even sure anymore!

I’m so lost and confused. And I don’t even have anyone to help me figure it out, because Craig and Chance have no idea either

Yesterday the Colorado Springs Independent ran a story on Is Anybody Down, which included an interview with Craig.

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The Return of the Censorous Asshat

I GIVE UP! At this point I’m not even going to give Chance and Craig advice as their friend. I’m just going to point and laugh like everyone else.

Our favorite attempted censors are at it again.

Once more they have durned their attention to Captain Obvious’ video (below)

Update 1/4 As you can see the censors won this round, and the video has been removed.

Update 1/5 As this comment points out, it has been re-uploaded by someone else. We will see how long this lasts. I would encourage others to upload it to their youtube accounts as well, that way we make sure this stays public.

Last time Chance left this message on multiple websites (including the above video)

Be advised that these actions, your slander and screen shots can and will be used as key factors should a case be pursued against you. Your posting, advertising, marketing, dissipating and otherwise disseminating the slanderous materials constitute actionable violations of Mr. Trahan and Mr Brittain’s rights of privacy and publicity.

This time they (or as is more likely the case, Chance) complained to youtube that the video violated youtube’s TOS, most particularly their privacy guidelines.

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“Adam Steignbaugh” is Cybersquatting Chance Trahan

Last night Adam Steinbaugh wrote a new post arguing against claims Chance had made about not being involved.

Chance responded with a post on his own blog. Screen shots after the jump, in case he decides to delete it.

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Anonymous is coming…

Boy am I glad that I am hiding in a remote undisclosed location and powering my laptop and internet with guinea pigs. I just saw this video and document

Anonymous message to – Craig Brittain and Chance Trahan of from @kyanonymous on Vimeo.

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It is Definitely Time to Go Find a Cave to Hide In

I have to make this quick as I pack up everything I can carry and head off into hiding.

Anon has just posted a d0x for Andrew Myers, another “competitor” (as Craig would call them) in the world of revenge porn. This means Is Anybody Down could be next…

Bullyville is also reporting that it has won its lawsuit against Eric Chanson and that they have been granted an injunction requiring Chanson to turn over his domains to Bullyville.

Now it is almost certain that Is Anybody Down is next.

Craig, Chance: good luck with Anonymous, if you need me I’ll be in the back of a remote cave on a deserted island, waiting for all this to blow over so I can go back to being a public defender for the State of New York.


IAD is in Anonymous’ crosshairs…

And I’m wondering if my island cave is remote enough…I hear Antartica is lovely this time of year…