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A Break From Character

November 2, 2012

I have to hand it to Ken, he is a really outstanding individual. I have to applaud him for this post

As someone with lots of women in my life (including some who have gone through some awful things) I would love nothing more than to see these guys get their just deserts.

That being said, like Ken, I am a parent, and so inspired by him I am offering the same olive branch. If Ken or Marc post a genuine apology (or I receive one myself) and a commitment to keep the sights down (and not to just start another one under a different name) from Chance/Craig/David. I will stop mocking, delete my twitter, and remove all post except for a copy of the apology/commitment.

However, you only get one chance. If the commitment is broken, I will re-post everything that was previously published and continue to mock mercilessly.


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