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I Have a Brilliant and Cunning Plan!

November 2, 2012

Its tough to be a lawyer! I mean not only is there, like, a shit ton of school and a really nasty exam at the end, but its tough to get work afterwards (and don’t even get me started on the student loans).

So I have come up with a brilliant and cunning plan to pay off all my student loans.

I’ll advertise on a Revenge Porn site (which I may or may not have created myself), claiming to be a college buddy of the site’s admin.

I’ll tell the people who want their info off the sight that I can do it at a pro bono discounted rate, much cheaper than if they hired a lawyer on their own.

And I’ll do it all under a pseudonym to protect me and my family, even though that’s totally against the rules

There is no way this can go wrong!


I’ve been found out! What do I do now?!


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