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Murum Aries Attigit

November 2, 2012

Update:  “I’ve just read an email exchange between “David Blade” and a victim.  Never mind.  Murum aries attigit.

“The die is cast, the Rubicon crossed, murum aries attigit.” -Ken

Well you heard it. These scumbags will receive no quarter. Marc will “scream murum aries attigit and run screaming at the other side, fully nude, carrying my sword like some hallucinogenic-addled gaul.”

I will do what I can to help. Of course I’ll be here to mock and educate, so we can show the world what kind of scum these guys really are. If you were a victim, please speak up!

Any questions, suggestions, tips etc for me can be sent to


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  1. Czernobog permalink

    This blog isn’t really taking off the way the other one did, is it?

    To me this business feels different to the Carreon thing. Back then the “victim” was Inman, who had all the resources needed to defend himself effectively. If anything it brought him more notoriety. So there was really nothing to do but laugh at Charles.

    In this case, though, these two are preying on the weak.And they make me angry more than amused. Back then I was constantly waiting for the next bit of Silliness, now I’m just waiting for them to be locked up.

  2. I agree, the big difference with this one is that, unlike Carreon, these guys are doing real harm to real people, and enjoying it. They are still crazy like Carreon, but, as you said, they are hurting those who can’t defend themselves (or couldn’t without the help of Marc and Ken).
    That is not going to stop me from making fun of them (the A**holes, not the victims, them I feel for, because I am very close to someone who was sexually abused), but you are right, what they are doing invokes more of a feeling of anger rather than amusment.

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