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I’ve been hired (sorta)

November 4, 2012

I received this tweet from my buddy Chance today

Apparently, he would have me sue Adam Steinbaugh (I’m assuming he means for defamation, in which case I’m all ready to team up with Charles Carreon but I’ll totally sue for ridicule too, because that definitely falls under tort law, right?)

The only reason why Chance hasn’t officially become a client is because he doesn’t think Adam (and given the use of “these clown shoes” and “have” instead of “has” in the tweet, I assume Ken and possibly Marc as well) has enough money to make it worth it.

I guess he forgot that

“In fact, a source close to the situation has revealed that Marco Randazza, Kenneth White and Adam Steinbaugh are each being paid over $350,000 to sabotage and defeat”

But I’ll be all ready to sue as soon as he remembers that, of course taking payment in Zombie Kittens, as well as cash.

And for those of you who think this may be a conflict of interest, remember

 I do not engage in case law, civil law, or trial law using I solely engage in mitigated/mediated takedowns, which are not considered to be a legal service, on behalf of clients of

So all those clients don’t count!

I also helped Craig draft his DMCA takedown notice for Popehat, you can tell because of how laywerly it sounds, right?


For those who want to see what Chance has been tweeting (including the awesome discussion where he puts Ken, Adam, and other random asswipes in their place) I have compiled them in one handy place (and will be updating as new tweets become available).

Lawyer-client privileges only count in case and trial law, right?

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  1. Hey good buddy! Thanks for helping me take on those Obama lovers! Check out my new blog 🙂

  2. haha Brantner permalink

    Chance’s tweets are even more stupid than his music.

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