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I’m confused

November 5, 2012

It is a good thing I went to college with guys and we regularly converse, so I can offer them my work pro bono and at a reduced filing fee because if it was anyone else, I’d be charging them a lot more all the mental work I have to do just to keep up with them.

As Ken Popehat pointed out they keep contradicting themselves and I showed in my last entry they can’t even agree if Adam et al are being paid shit tons of money by Big Porn, or if they are too broke to even be worth suing for ridicule. And lets not forget about the copyright claims

Now it has come to my attention that they might even be lying.

In his now deleted post, before creating Trolldown, Craig stated

7. I earn a modest living. I give all of my earnings to my family and to Chance, except for maintenance expenses for this website. Furthermore, I really hate this job and I do not do it for revenge, to hurt people, etc., I do it because Barack Obama is the second worst President in US history

And repeated something similar on Trolldown

10.  You’ve continually stated the idea that our website is based on cruelty and
abuse or some sort of revenge. Hunter Moore’s was. Eric Chanson’s is. Our
website is not. It’s solely about the profit. We post people’s naked pictures
for advertising revenue.

AND in a (copyrighted) email that Adam Steinbaugh is (illegally) hosting on his site

And as one of those meddling commenters pointed out

What profit? Where/how are they making money, other than Takedown
Hammer? Its not like the site is riddled with advertisements. In fact,
as the screen shots show, the only other advert on the site is “who is
Kadishin?” (and it doesn’t take a genius to know that’s Chance)

So they are in it for the money, but Chance doesn’t pay to advertise on the site, since Craig pays him from they money they make from advertisements, meaning all of their revenue comes from me (and I don’t think its necessary for me to divulge our payment arrangement)

All of this contradiction is making my head spin. I think I need to lay down for a bit.

Update: I have now been made aware that Craig might have admitted to tricking people on craigslist for pictures. I pray that is not true

Second Update: Damn it

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