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Free Publicity!

November 9, 2012

So I have been away for a few days to bring some supplies to my lawyer buddy Charles Carreon, who is currently hiding in an undisclosed location, avoiding process servers and he kindly put the guinea pigs to work so I could check my twitter.

Boy was I surprised at what I found. Alex Goldman, a producer for NPR’s On the Media had tweeted Chance offering to interview him.

Now he did make one mistake. Alex called it “isanyonedown” instead of “isanybodydown.”

Now since Chance isn’t the brightest bulb in the box, I kindly explained the error to him, and this was his response

Despite Adam assuring me that he wants to interview him, Chance will still have none of it.

And I suppose that is fine, except he takes is a step further. He claims he has nothing to do with isanybodydown.

This of course is in complete contradiction to his previous tweets  and the fact that he is listed as a founder on their angelList and Gust pages.

So maybe he is just tired of all the attention, and he just wants me to do my lawyerly thing and sue everybody so all this will go away and everything can go back to normal.

What’s that Charles? Captain Obvious posted a youtube video making fun of Craig and Chance? And Chance left a comment?

Thanks for the promotions at no cost you fucking clowns!


Does he or doesn’t he want the attention?

Also, speaking of Attention Whores:

Adam has retold this whole thing for what? The third time? Does that mean I get to send him 3 DMCA notices? And why is he whining about the fact he hasn’t been featured on Trolldown yet? Doesn’t he know that’s going to happen after Chance finishes the app he’s working on for the site

And Ken Popehat is taking credit for the good people on the internet and thanking them for harassing me, Craig, and Chance. Now do you believe us when we say he is an evil man?

The Guinea Pigs are getting fatigued, so I must cut this post short. Charles says “Hi” to everyone and Tara sends her love.

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