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Putting my Law “Degree” to Work

November 11, 2012

Boy, have I been busy today.

Apparently Chance and Craig finally remembered that Adam and Ken are being paid by Big Porn and are not broke clownshoes. They are just about ready for me to sue everyone. So they had me write a legal threat to send to everybody.

I started with Wikipedia (never mind that it is under Chance’s name, I promise it is really me, David Blade, a real attorney)

Doesn’t it sound all Lawerly? Especially the “You have been served” part, right? Because that is totally what it means to serve someone.

I also posted it in the comments of Ken Popehat’s Blog, Adam’s Blog, and Captain Obvious’s Youtube Video

And these are totally legitimate means of sending legal notice, I know that because I’m a public defender in the state of New York

They should all be shaking in their boots now.

Mother will be so proud of me!

Update: Add ipka and Ethics Alarms  and TechDirt to the list of people I’ve sent warnings to.

This is going to be my best case ever!


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