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I’m Having an Identity Crisis

January 11, 2013

Who am I? Am I even real? Am I in the Matrix? Am I just the figment of someone’s imagination? I’m not even sure anymore!

I’m so lost and confused. And I don’t even have anyone to help me figure it out, because Craig and Chance have no idea either

Yesterday the Colorado Springs Independent ran a story on Is Anybody Down, which included an interview with Craig.

In it Craig claimed that I am a real lawyer

Brittain says that he makes a little money from the owners of Takedown Hammer, in the way of advertising — the only advertising — on his site. The service, he says, is being provided by a former college buddy who’s now a lawyer.

But then later in the article the states:

“It’s one of my buddies. … They invented this lawyer, and they’ve since changed things. But I am not responsible for it. Regardless of what anybody tells you, I don’t run it.”

And this differs from what he told Marc Randazza and Ken White:

David Blade is an attorney who provides the same sort of services available on websites like Mediated/mitigated takedowns. . . .  David Blade operates to remove content on behalf of clients via mediated/mitigated takedown as an independent third party. I have zero desire to remove the content – ideally, posts would never be removed from my website. However, some people go to drastic measures when their pictures are posted. David Blade’s services are a safety measure – a provision for people who would hire lawyers or do more drastic things like crime or suicide. . . .  The reason for his condition of anonymity is the number of death threats that are associated with our website. He has multiple children and a primary vocation to handle. He doesn’t have time to deal with lunatics who endanger his safety and the safety of his family or his business. I used to get tons of death threats and hatemail – which was the reason when Dave offered me a deal, I fully agreed. [Email to Ken]

David Blade is actually Eric Chanson. [Email to Marc, as quoted by Ken (linked above)]

And in response to the Independent‘s article Craig, stated this on his website:

I never said that anyone “invented a lawyer”. That series of quotes is nonsense. What I said was that Takedown Hammer were, and are, ex-employees of and I have no idea whether or not they are actually lawyers or not, or what they do with their personal lives. They claimed that at least one of them is a lawyer – but they’ve changed the reference of such on their website because they have said they don’t actually do any legal work.

And he maintains this claim in the comments section of the article:

My story actually IS consistent. You’re just getting bits and pieces of it. “David Blade” as it were, is the responsibility of the employees who now run Takedown Hammer. One of those people is a college buddy, but he’s not “David Blade” per se, but rather is part of what is now “Takedown Hammer”. One of the people on their staff is indeed a lawyer, however, that didn’t fit into the message they’ve been trying to send and therefore it has since been scrapped. The idea that “David Blade” is any one single person has been entirely a belief that you’ve created – much like you’ve created speculation about who “David Blade” is because you don’t know either.  Your guess is as good as mine!

And Chance seems to claim that I am just parody. Then again, he could just be parodying posts written by Adam Steinbaugh, (who has an excellent summary of the whole affair here), as he was in this post (which is now privacy protected, hence the PDF, thanks to Adam for grabbing it for me)

So I really have no idea who, or what I am (and apparently this blog is either written by Adam or Chris (the blogger behind Satirical Charles Carreon), or at least that’s what Craig implies in the Independent‘s comment section (the comment made on 01/10/2013 at 10:01 PM).

So now I have to go on my own soul searching to figure out who I am, if I exist at all.

Here are the things I know so far:

I advertise on revenge porn site IsAnybodyDown. First as “The Takedown Lawyer” with this ad:

And if you clicked on the ad, you were directed to a page that looked like this (PDF, as the original does not exist anymore)

Then after Randazza pointed out the legal issues with claiming to be a lawyer the page directs to this

Allegedly I had an email exchange with Marc Randazza (which, along with these emails with Craig, Craig claims are forgeries (comment at 01/10/2013 at 9:05 PM on the Independent‘s Article) created by Randazza.)

And that is all I know right now. I will keep searching, and hopefully I can figure out who, or what, I really am.


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  1. I too am having an identity crisis. I’ve been told I’m a lawyer, that I’m Marc, Ken, no wait Chris R. The one thing I do know is that I don’t have multiple personality disorder – obviously.

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