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Liar Liar Pants On Fire

February 19, 2013

Abraham Lincoln once said “No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar.” And Craig Brittain is no exception. I’ve discussed some of his contradictory lies here and Adam has done so here so I won’t bother repeating it all. But in the last week there has been a lot of digging into some of the claims he’s made.

Unsurprisingly, the new information continues to show that Craig is indeed lying about a lot of things. Also unsurprisingly, is that he continues to argue that all of the evidence is fabricated just to vilify him.

So, lets take a look, shall we?

Who is the Takedown Hammer?

First off, lets take a look at his claim that he is not me (the Takedown Hammer). Chet Hardin posted audio from his interview with Craig, in which you can clearly hear him say “They invented this lawyer …”

Comically, in the comments, Craig is claiming that is not what he said. His first two comments:


Of course, no where in that audio is there anything that sounds like “third-party service.” Later on in the comments he claims that what we hear as the word “lawyer” is actually a “speech disfluency” and the audio is cut before he says “third-party service.”

Also of interest is that he claims that the buddy is a guy named “James” yet he is still not giving any contact info to get in touch with “James” or anyone else involved in “The Takedown Hammer,” despite his promise to do so in this CBS interview. The discussion of David Blade and the Takedown Hammer start around 19:30. In the interview he also claims that he doesn’t know who David Blade is and the only information he has is for his contact “James”

Of course, this is contradictory to claims made early on in the controversy, however, since that has already been discussed at length (and supposedly that evidence is “a forgery” anyways), I won’t repeat it all again.

Is Craig Trolling Craigslist?

Next there is the claim that all of his content is user submitted. As Adam posited way back when this got started, it seemed at though Craig might have been tricking people on Craigslist to send him images, which he then posted.

Now there is evidence that he was right

CBS4 did a follow-up to their interview with Brittain, telling the story of a victim who was duped this way. While Craig didn’t respond to CBS, he did go on a twitter rant, which is worth a read.

Is the Takedown Hammer really an Independent 3rd Party?

Finally there is something we all took for granted, until Adam did some digging. The Takedown Hammer website makes the following claim:

We have had over 90 posts successfully removed from and over 500 total unwanted pieces of content removed from other websites such as YouGotPosted, Offendex, Pinkmeth, 1upem and more.

The old Takedown Lawyer website [PDF] made a more detailed claims:

Here are some of the websites that we’ve successfully had our client’s information, photographs, history records, etc. removed from. Most likely your information has appeared on one or more of the following websites:

Is Anyone Up?

Before it was shut down, we had a 95% success rate with Is Anyone Up – we managed to get 38 of 40 clients removed from the website, all for under $300.

Is Anybody Down?

We have a 100% success rate with Is Anybody Down. We can get you removed within 24 hours in most cases. We’ve had 7 clients so far and all of them had their photos and info removed.


We’ve only had 3 clients with 1upem, but all of their information has undoubtedly been removed. 100% success rate.

Offendex: Sex Offender Registry

We have had 48 wrongly listed clients removed from the Offendex database – 100% success rate.

Walk The Shame

We helped one client get their photographs removed from this website. That’s another 100% success rate!

Pink Meth

We’ve helped two of our clients get their photos removed from Pink Meth. This is also another 100% success rate!


We’ve helped someone whose job info and social information was posted on Anonib to regain his dignity and his job. We actually got him hired back at his workplace.

List Submission’s Poor Creditors List

We’ve helped 28 clients who were wrongly added to a list of poor creditors gain removal from this list and other lists like it.

Adam then started asking questions:


Not only has Pinkmeth not removed anything using the Takedown Hammer, but Adam says none of the others he’s contacted have either


I wager contact with the rest of the sites listed would yield similar results.

So it’s looking more and more like the Takedown Lawyer/Hammer is not actually an independent 3rd party.

Other Questionable Claims

On countless times Craig has been asked about how IAD makes money. He has aways claimed advertisments. Everyone wants to know “what advertisments” as the only ones are for Chance’s music and the old ad for the Takedown Lawyer. In the interview with CBS, as well this comment he claims “We have geotargeted advertising” and yet no one has ever seen any other ads on his site.

Also, in the CBS interview, he constantly claims that he does not want people who are posted ridiculed. And yet he does not moderate degrading comments. Not to mention the fact that he has a section called “Herps Confirmed” (No, I will NOT link to it) and I fail to see how that makes his site a “safe place” for people’s images.

In conclusion, my identity crisis hasn’t been solved yet, but it looks like it won’t be much longer before I’ll finally know my idenitiy.

In the meantime I’m going to remember to take everything Craig says with a grain of salt.

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