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Anonymous targets Hunter Moore of Is Anyone Up, Will Craig and Chance of Is Anybody Down Be Next?

A few days ago, Hunter Moore was interviewed by Betabeat. In this interview he describes his vision for, his new site to replace Is Anyone Up:

“We’re gonna introduce the mapping stuff so you can stalk people,” Mr. Moore gleefully told Betabeat, adding, “I know–it’s scary as shit.”

This has attracted the attention of Anonymous, who have this video posted on Bullyville.

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Secret Communique, For Charles Carreon’s Eyes Only. Do not read if you are part of the Popehat/Randazza Illuminati Conspiracy


I just saw your post and it saddens me that the Illuminati have at last caught up with you. I warned you about appearing in court, but I’m not going to say “I told you so.”

But now that there is no escaping this litigation, I have some more suggestions.

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Another Break from Character

I considered writing this in character, but given the situation, I felt coming out of character was the best way to express my thoughts.

Today is November 11, known here in the America as Veterans Day and in other countries as Armistice Day and still others as Remembrance Day.

Today is the day that we remember those who fought and those who have given their lives so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have. It is because of those brave people that we are able to speak freely, live freely and enjoy a life without oppression.

It makes me sick that on today of all days Chance (or Craig, but I’m leaning more towards Chance, since it is his name on the Wiki and Youtube comments) would choose to attack the free speech of his dissenters. Then when they respond, to threaten some more:

if i see another something pop up, your asses are mine. I’ve identified you all one by one and i do have your personal info and i can and will have the authorities contact you. if you’re waiting to hear from a lawyer, don’t hold your breath. I have screen shots of every single thing already and you don’t wanna go to war with me.

RealMOAB              2 hours ago           

The people we remember today are the reason we can voice our opinions without fear. If you do not have the freedom of speech, even harmless words can get you into trouble. Just ask Malala Yousafzai, who survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban, who targeted her because she was an outspoken supporter of education for females; or the man in Great Britain who was arrested for burning a poppy today (for those who don’t know, the Poppy is the symbol of veterans remembrance, it has its origins in John McCrae’s poem “In Flanders’ Field” written during World War One)

There is a reason why the First Amendment of the United States’ Constitution protects Free Speech, this was of the utmost importance to the Founding Fathers; the first of a long line of people who risked their lives so that we can enjoy countless freedoms today.

But no, Chance doesn’t care about that. All he cares about is that HE is getting “harassed” and “ridiculed” and having HIS “privacy violated” (which is ironic from someone who is co-founder of a site whose sole purpose is to post the private information and images of people, who in turn get legitimately harassed by the creeps of the dark corner of the internet)

This is despicable on any day, but today most especially .

So I have but two things to say:

1) to our Veterans living and deceased: thank you for your commitment and sacrifices to protect our freedoms

2) to Chance Trahan (and Craig Brittian)…I’ll let George Takei say what I’m feeling

That's Right A Douchebag

Putting my Law “Degree” to Work

Boy, have I been busy today.

Apparently Chance and Craig finally remembered that Adam and Ken are being paid by Big Porn and are not broke clownshoes. They are just about ready for me to sue everyone. So they had me write a legal threat to send to everybody.

I started with Wikipedia (never mind that it is under Chance’s name, I promise it is really me, David Blade, a real attorney)

Doesn’t it sound all Lawerly? Especially the “You have been served” part, right? Because that is totally what it means to serve someone.

I also posted it in the comments of Ken Popehat’s Blog, Adam’s Blog, and Captain Obvious’s Youtube Video

And these are totally legitimate means of sending legal notice, I know that because I’m a public defender in the state of New York

They should all be shaking in their boots now.

Mother will be so proud of me!

Update: Add ipka and Ethics Alarms  and TechDirt to the list of people I’ve sent warnings to.

This is going to be my best case ever!

Free Publicity!

So I have been away for a few days to bring some supplies to my lawyer buddy Charles Carreon, who is currently hiding in an undisclosed location, avoiding process servers and he kindly put the guinea pigs to work so I could check my twitter.

Boy was I surprised at what I found. Alex Goldman, a producer for NPR’s On the Media had tweeted Chance offering to interview him.

Now he did make one mistake. Alex called it “isanyonedown” instead of “isanybodydown.”

Now since Chance isn’t the brightest bulb in the box, I kindly explained the error to him, and this was his response

Despite Adam assuring me that he wants to interview him, Chance will still have none of it.

And I suppose that is fine, except he takes is a step further. He claims he has nothing to do with isanybodydown.

This of course is in complete contradiction to his previous tweets  and the fact that he is listed as a founder on their angelList and Gust pages.

So maybe he is just tired of all the attention, and he just wants me to do my lawyerly thing and sue everybody so all this will go away and everything can go back to normal.

What’s that Charles? Captain Obvious posted a youtube video making fun of Craig and Chance? And Chance left a comment?

Thanks for the promotions at no cost you fucking clowns!


Does he or doesn’t he want the attention?

Also, speaking of Attention Whores:

Adam has retold this whole thing for what? The third time? Does that mean I get to send him 3 DMCA notices? And why is he whining about the fact he hasn’t been featured on Trolldown yet? Doesn’t he know that’s going to happen after Chance finishes the app he’s working on for the site

And Ken Popehat is taking credit for the good people on the internet and thanking them for harassing me, Craig, and Chance. Now do you believe us when we say he is an evil man?

The Guinea Pigs are getting fatigued, so I must cut this post short. Charles says “Hi” to everyone and Tara sends her love.

I’m confused

It is a good thing I went to college with guys and we regularly converse, so I can offer them my work pro bono and at a reduced filing fee because if it was anyone else, I’d be charging them a lot more all the mental work I have to do just to keep up with them.

As Ken Popehat pointed out they keep contradicting themselves and I showed in my last entry they can’t even agree if Adam et al are being paid shit tons of money by Big Porn, or if they are too broke to even be worth suing for ridicule. And lets not forget about the copyright claims

Now it has come to my attention that they might even be lying.

In his now deleted post, before creating Trolldown, Craig stated

7. I earn a modest living. I give all of my earnings to my family and to Chance, except for maintenance expenses for this website. Furthermore, I really hate this job and I do not do it for revenge, to hurt people, etc., I do it because Barack Obama is the second worst President in US history

And repeated something similar on Trolldown

10.  You’ve continually stated the idea that our website is based on cruelty and
abuse or some sort of revenge. Hunter Moore’s was. Eric Chanson’s is. Our
website is not. It’s solely about the profit. We post people’s naked pictures
for advertising revenue.

AND in a (copyrighted) email that Adam Steinbaugh is (illegally) hosting on his site

And as one of those meddling commenters pointed out

What profit? Where/how are they making money, other than Takedown
Hammer? Its not like the site is riddled with advertisements. In fact,
as the screen shots show, the only other advert on the site is “who is
Kadishin?” (and it doesn’t take a genius to know that’s Chance)

So they are in it for the money, but Chance doesn’t pay to advertise on the site, since Craig pays him from they money they make from advertisements, meaning all of their revenue comes from me (and I don’t think its necessary for me to divulge our payment arrangement)

All of this contradiction is making my head spin. I think I need to lay down for a bit.

Update: I have now been made aware that Craig might have admitted to tricking people on craigslist for pictures. I pray that is not true

Second Update: Damn it

I’ve been hired (sorta)

I received this tweet from my buddy Chance today

Apparently, he would have me sue Adam Steinbaugh (I’m assuming he means for defamation, in which case I’m all ready to team up with Charles Carreon but I’ll totally sue for ridicule too, because that definitely falls under tort law, right?)

The only reason why Chance hasn’t officially become a client is because he doesn’t think Adam (and given the use of “these clown shoes” and “have” instead of “has” in the tweet, I assume Ken and possibly Marc as well) has enough money to make it worth it.

I guess he forgot that

“In fact, a source close to the situation has revealed that Marco Randazza, Kenneth White and Adam Steinbaugh are each being paid over $350,000 to sabotage and defeat”

But I’ll be all ready to sue as soon as he remembers that, of course taking payment in Zombie Kittens, as well as cash.

And for those of you who think this may be a conflict of interest, remember

 I do not engage in case law, civil law, or trial law using I solely engage in mitigated/mediated takedowns, which are not considered to be a legal service, on behalf of clients of

So all those clients don’t count!

I also helped Craig draft his DMCA takedown notice for Popehat, you can tell because of how laywerly it sounds, right?


For those who want to see what Chance has been tweeting (including the awesome discussion where he puts Ken, Adam, and other random asswipes in their place) I have compiled them in one handy place (and will be updating as new tweets become available).

Lawyer-client privileges only count in case and trial law, right?